24 January 2024

Pro-Tec Launches New Website to Elevate Classic and Modern Sports Car Tuning Services

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Pro-Tec Performance, the esteemed tuning specialist, is proud to announce the launch of its new website, designed to showcase its expert classic car tuning and modern sports car tuning services.

Founded in 1991 by the father and son duo, Allan & Mark Durham, Pro-Tec brings decades of motorsport expertise to the automotive world. With a keen focus on comprehensive service, maintenance, diagnostics, and performance enhancements, Pro-Tec caters to a diverse range of vehicles, including prestigious brands like Porsche, Ferrari, BMW, Range Rover, Audi/VW, among others. Additionally, Pro-Tec offers a growing selection of performance parts and engine electronic re-mapping services to meet the evolving needs of enthusiasts.

For classic car connoisseurs, Pro-Tec is renowned for its unrivalled expertise in tuning prestige classic cars to perfection. Leveraging extensive experience in performance car engineering, the Pro-Tec team offers a level of knowledge, craftsmanship, and dedication that is second to none. Whether it’s restoring a vintage icon to its former glory or fine-tuning a timeless masterpiece for optimal performance, Pro-Tec is committed to exceeding expectations and preserving automotive heritage.

On the other hand, for modern sports car owners seeking unparalleled performance enhancements, Pro-Tec stands as the ultimate solution. With a passion for pushing the boundaries of automotive excellence, Pro-Tec prides itself on delivering bespoke tuning solutions tailored to each client’s specific requirements. From ECU remapping and turbocharger upgrades to exhaust enhancements and suspension tuning, Pro-Tec employs cutting-edge techniques to unlock the full potential of modern sports cars. Backed by a wealth of expertise and state-of-the-art facilities, Pro-Tec ensures that every tuning project is approached with precision and enthusiasm.

With the launch of its new website, Pro-Tec aims to provide a seamless and informative experience for automotive enthusiasts worldwide. Whether you’re a classic car aficionado or a modern sports car enthusiast, Pro-Tec invites you to explore its range of services and discover how it can elevate your driving experience. Trust Pro-Tec to be your partner in automotive excellence and unlock the full potential of your vehicle today.

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